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Craps is perhaps the most enjoyable casino game due to the high level of speed and excitement. Craps is a type of dice game played on a special game table. This is also where you place your bets. Rules and tactics can be a little tricky to get full control, but then it usually flows. Something that sets dice apart is that there are no dealers or other game hosts. Instead, they compete against each other, player against player. Of course, the casino is in control of the Hoh999 game and handles bets and the like. As a player, there is an opportunity to overcome the predetermined house advantage in every game. This can give the cash register a real jingle. This is a strong explanation of the game’s popularity.

Now, in recent years, craps has also received a real boost, as you can also play at online casinos. However, it may not have had the same effect in popularity as many other casino games introduced online. It is thought to have a lot to do with the fact that you are lacking a certain nerve and vivid feeling when playing online which is very important for craps. However, online casinos are trying to remedy this by offering so-called live casino services. So you play against a real casino with a game table and dealer that you can follow via the screen.

A craps game always consists of a so-called shooter. It is the most crucial role and can be played by all the players around the table, depending on what is happening in the game. It is the shooter who currently rolls and takes care of the dice. Its first round therefore governs what should happen next. A 7th or 11th on the first roll, the so-called Come Out roll, means that the shooter gets the same amount of money on the current bet. However, if it is 2,3 or 12, you lose all your bets (what in this context is called “Craps”). For every other amount you have created a point, which means that the same player remains the shooter.

What we went through exactly, however, is only relevant if the shooter played on the so-called “Pass Line”. This means that you must complete your first roll of the dice, that is. to avoid rolling dice. On the other hand, it is just as easy to play on the so-called “Don’t Pass Line”. So aim for 2 or 3 to appear instead. It pays off in this play opportunity. A 12 means a tie and the bet is back here. Remember, however, that you lose on 7 or 11 on the Don’t Pass Line.

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